We are Savannah cat breeders specilizing only in F1, F2 et F3

We are an active member of TICA

Savannah cats have an exotic look that everyone admires: vibrant coats contrasted with dark black spots. They have an athletic look with long legs, triangular face and tall ears (because the Serval can hear his prey under the ground), tear drops around the eyes and white ocelies behind the ears.

Their high intelligence and energy amazes everyone! They need lots of playtime and mental and physical stimulation. They love to learn and play tricks: fetch their toys, open doors, sit, play with water, etc. They will get involved in everything that you do, and will surprise you.

They are usually vocal cats: they make different kind of noises going from regular miauwing to hissing like a snake to chirping.

They can easily be trained to walk on a leash and they certainly love to go on hikes.

Be ready to fall in love with your Savannah cat ….

Because a Savannah cat will change your life ….