Savannahland Cattery is TICA registered

How it all started

Savannahland Cattery started after we got our first Savannah cat, Ramses F5, who litterally changed our lives. We completely fell in love with him, his personality, intelligence, devotion, loyalty and energy.

That’s when we became completely addicted to the Savannah breed: we got a second one, an F3, then an F1.

For more than 10 years, our passion for that special breed keeps us going.

The breeding program came from that passion, the desire to share it, and to produce kittens that would honour the breed’s standards.

We are always happy to talk about the Savannah cat, support new owners, or help in any way to promote real information about them.

Like all Savannah owners around the world… we just Love them….


Our philosophy is based on the more natural principles of life: Respect, Understanding and Love.

Our cats are treated with all of those values, the same values with which we raised our children.

Respect: we respect our cats and kittens the way they are. Savannah cats are different from other cats. They share their origins with the Serval. Their psychology is different and so is their behavior, energy, personality, etc.

Understanding: we do understand that Savannahs have different needs because of their genetics. This is the basis for a good relationship with your Savannah cat. We do NOT try to change them, or control them. They can be taught and trained but they have a mind on their own. Owning a Savannah cat wilL change your life: you need to educate yourself BEFORE engaging… and savannahproof your house!

Love: our Love for this breed is our complete passion. We love all the cats that we own and every kitten that we breed. Love for this exceptional cat, so full of surprises, is what brings us to offer our kittens, well socialised and ready for their new family.

Nature knows best: Our kittens are NOT separated from their mother.

We believe that every kitten needs to be a cat and a feline above all else: only their mother can teach them, helped by the others cats from the Cattery. This natural process ensures that the adult cat will be respectful, mentally strong and stable, loving and curious.

Socialisation with humans is our principal role in their development. And that starts right from birth.

Our cats are NOT in cages. They live with us and have normal contact with everyone in the house: adults, children, guests, other Savannah cats, dogs… and also Falco our African Grey parrot, an intriging and exciting stimulation!


Our goal is to offer a kitten that could be ours to keep. They are all raised with this philosophy in mind. We place them in situations that will be part of their regular lifestyle: car rides, veterinarians, being in carriers, everyday noises and situations, guests, dogs, vacuum cleaners, etc …

Your kitten will be used to a harness, will be at peace with his carrier, won’t be scared of humans and will be trained to proper litter box use.