Savannahland Cattery has a partnership with Hybrideal Savannah Cattery, TICA registered, for their Kings to breed our Queens. We always work in order to find the best marriage between one of their Kings and our Queens.

We are always thankful for Hybrideal Savannah Cattery for their support, professionalism, knowledge and the quality of their breeding program.

Titan, Serval



Titan is a stunning young Serval Sire that will pass on all his qualities to all his futur cubs. He is massive and very athletic. He has a very calm personality and has been amazingly well socialized. He spends most of his time surounded by his females where he loves to show off his stature. He likesto let the world know that he is the protective King!

We are hoping for an HP F1 litter with our gorgeous Kenza Queen, herself an HP F1.

Liberty JR, SBT


Liberty Jr

This beautiful warm golden coat King passes his genes on to his kittens. Even if the picture mentions him as a young stud… let’s say he has proved himself since !!! He treats his Queen right!the way they deserve it…

A true King!

Malmö, SBT




Malmö is Hyrideal Savannah Cattery’ new stud. We can’t wait to see which one of our Queens will produce the PURRFECT kitten with Him! We are hoping that Isis, F2, will be one of his favorites…. We cannot wait to see the results of such a marriage!

He is a stunning future King produced by Hybrideal Savannah Cattery.

A long career of fathering gorgeous kittens is ahead of him! and we can imagine some future champions too !

Hopefully we will have kittens from him in 2019!

Graffiti, SBT


Graffiti THE Stud!

Graffiti is a real Stud…. he is solid, strong and imposing. He makes large litters and big kittens!

Let say that Graffiti is an Alpha King …. supreme genes that he passes on to his kittens.

Our Queens are always treated like Queens when he takes full control and power of the situation.

He is a proven stud that carries on stable and strong Savannah features in his genes.

Andros, F5


Andros The king of the Kings….

Andros is the Lover Boy… in perfect control of himself…. a stunning King with a golden coat, dark and contrasting spots, and his soft and loving temperament are what he passes on to his kittens.

Andros is one of our favorites…. He is Malmö’s father… so you can see the results of his offspring….

Malmö will surely take over his Daddy’s stud career… but… ssh ssh… don’t tell Andros yet….