Our Queens

Samyra, F1

Samyra is a gorgeous Savannah F1. She has a golden brown warm coat with beautiful dark black spots, and beautiful lines along her spine. She looks like a small leopard. She is very tall and long, has a triangular face, high and round ears with beautiful ocelies and green eyes. She has the Serval temperament: wild, curious and full of energy. She is a very protective mother. The best moments of her life are certainly the ones with her kittens: she just loves to be a mother.

Sire: Themba the Serval


Kenza, F1 HP

Kenza is a stunning young F1 HP (high pourcentage) Queen. Her feline and exotic look are certainly honoring her Father! Tall and lean, a warm coat contrasted with dark spots, high and round ears and gorgeous ocelies, a very short tale…. and that serval face…. Kenza is the replica of the serval … and She knows it! She is very playfull, energetic, goofy, affectionate and determine to get what she wants! a real Queen… she passes on all her good genes to her kittens!

Isis, F2

She is a beautiful F2 with rosettes. She will pass on a wonderfull temperament to her kittens. Isis does zootherapy on a regular base and loves to go to work!

She has a warm golden and contrasted coat and some stunning green eyes. Heads are turning where ever she passes….